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Christmas comes but once a year, and oh, what a celebration it is. If, like me, you love to absorb everything about the Christmas atmosphere, then Xmas Jokes will help with part of that process. Within these pages, you'll find a huge collection of light-hearted Christmas knock knock jokes, gags, funny stories, shareable memes, and comical pictures.

All of the material posted on this website is designed to help set the scene for this year's celebration. Memorising some of these rib-ticklers could make you the highlight of your family's festive get-together, or your office Christmas party (for better or worse). These jokes are generally family-friendly in tone. Those marked (PG), though, may not be suitable for younger children.

Have fun, and laugh heartily. Merry Christmas, jokester! :D

Christmas Jokes

Funny Xmas Songs & Stories

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